Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony

Born in Ankara, Turkey, Mehmed Mert Baycan is a versatile percussionist specializing in Turkish and world rhythms. He went on tour with Kara Güneş music band in Italy in 2012, 2013 and 2018. And in 2014, he went on tour with the flamenco dancer Fiona Malena. He accompanied Christina Benitez, one of Spain’s most famous flamenco dancers, with Duende flamenco band in 2018. He also accompanied David Perez, one of Spain’s best male flamenco dancers, with Mavi Siyah flamenco band on various concerts and tours since 2008. He is still working actively with various artists and bands like Feryal Öney, Doğan Canku, Rewşan Çeliker, Sema Moritz, Ceyhun Güneş and Mert Baycan Duo, Ata Marin Band, Akis Jazz Band, Ethnic Universe and much more.

Mehmed Mert is working on different music styles from funk to rock, from flamenco to jazz and traditional Turkish music. As an instructor, he has given workshops at many festivals, private schools and institutions, including Yeditepe University. The rhythm therapy is done in two ways. In the recent times, a kind of practice called as “Stomp Method”, in which the thing needed most is one’s own body, has become popular.

That kind of practice may become varied with some objects that we use in the daily life such as dustbin, a bottle of water, knives and forks, etc. Another one is done by the help of such percussion instruments –following the breath work- as the rhythm sticks, goblet drum, conga, tongo, bongo, Ramadan drum, timbale, bell, and tambourine. The percussion instruments, no doubt, have become the most commonly used instruments by the people in rituals, ceremonies and celebrations for ages. Furthermore; it is observed in some scientific studies that the rhythm exercise has been really effective in the treatment of stress and some psychological disorders caused by the stress

Istanbul music is historical, discover it

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3 Hisar

The music group “3 Hisar” creates a unique sound by combining traditional Turkish music motifs with Classical Western music forms. Reminiscent of Istanbul with its name, the band '3 Hisar' shares new compositions about love with music lovers in their new album.

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Golden Horn Brass

The band with a wide repertoire that combines classical, jazz, pop, Anatolian melodies and all these genres with its own style and the band creates a musical synthesis of our country and world cultures

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Mert Baycan

He started music at an early age with the piano. After meeting the guitar at the age of 11, he decided to continue his musical journey with the guitar. He has worked on different guitar styles for years and devoted his work to the "Fingerstyle" playing technique, which he believes can best express himself.


Life is about rhythm. We vibrate. Our hearts are pumping blood.
We are a rhythm machine, That's what we are

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