A Feast of Thousand Years


According to the common belief in Anatolia, HIDIRELLEZ is known as the day when the prophets Hızır, a prophet who wanders the land and brings abundance, and Elijah, the ruler of the seas, meet, and is celebrated enthusiastically with different rituals and entertainments, and it is believed that the resurrection will come true on the night of the same day; It is also the celebration of the revival of nature and the development of the spring-summer seasons, leaving the cold winter behind.
“During the journey from Asia to Anatolia, from the Balkans to the Iberian Peninsula, we have reached the route by taking in different religions, geographies and cultures, and we will meet at HIDIRELLEZ, the Holiday of the Year, which is believed to be the day when things such as health, abundance, abundance, luck and fortune will come true and bad luck will end for us.

Istanbul music is historical, discover it

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3 Hisar

The music group “3 Hisar” creates a unique sound by combining traditional Turkish music motifs with Classical Western music forms. Reminiscent of Istanbul with its name, the band '3 Hisar' shares new compositions about love with music lovers in their new album.

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Golden Horn Brass

The band with a wide repertoire that combines classical, jazz, pop, Anatolian melodies and all these genres with its own style and the band creates a musical synthesis of our country and world cultures

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Ali Deniz Kardelen

He started music at an early age with the piano. After meeting the guitar at the age of 11, he decided to continue his musical journey with the guitar. He has worked on different guitar styles for years and devoted his work to the "Fingerstyle" playing technique, which he believes can best express himself.

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