Bestem Yuvarlak was born in Istanbul in 1987. She graduated from Müjdat Gezen Art Center Conservatory, Pop Music department in 2012. She has been actively performing with various projects and orchestras since 2010. She created awareness in terms of social responsibility with his first song titled "Why I Don't Know Why" for Rare Diseases Day on February 29, 2017.
She released her album "Ruhun Gemisi", consisting of seven songs, in 2018. She made music videos for the songs "Çek Git" and "Ölü Şehir" from this album and held album promotion concerts. In the same year, She gave concerts at the Bebek Festival and Musicist Nature Festival. She composed the music for the short film "Şizofren" and the theater play "Ikili Çelişkiler" with Cem Çatık. She composed the composition "Magical Song" with Cem Çatık for the documentary " Son Dizesiz Şiirler Didem Madak", which was published in 2017.She took part with her orchestra in the talk show project "Doğan & Onur Abur Cubur", presented by Rüştü Onur Atilla and Doğan Akdoğan. She released the song "Ay Ruhumda" in August 2020.

Her theater career, which she started with Halil Doğan in 2010, continued with Renk Children's Theatre, where she wrote her own plays. In 2013, she hosted the program called "Future Technology" on TRT Okul channel. While continuing her music, acting and presenting careers, she continued her education by taking Jazz Harmony and Ensemble lessons with Güç Başar Gülle. At the same time, she received "Creative Drama Leadership" training at the Contemporary Life Support Association, "Method Acting" with Deniz Erdem, and "On-Camera Acting" with Hilal Saral. She continued his musical life with Old'n New Project, Hakan Başar Orchestra, Kulp, Subway Jazz Station, Abc Trio, Bestem Yuvarlak Quartet teams. She runs Bubinga Records, where her carries out her own musical works and productions, together with Cem Çatık. She took part in international projects such as “Play for Nature 1” and “Roots & Routes Experience 2016”. In 2018, She entered Maltepe University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Acting Department with a scholarship and graduated in 2022.

In 2018-2019, she toured many cities with Bkm's children's musical called "Sevimli Dostlar". In 2019, she founded the team called Theater Hermosa with her four female friends and took part as a producer and actor in the play "Anna on March 11". He held a "Boomwhackers Workshop" with child participants at the Istanbul Comedy Festival 2019, organized by Bkm. Bestem Yuvarlak also organizes short film workshops and prepares training videos on Youtube in the Kısa Kafası team founded by Orhan Önder Yaycıoğlu.

She sang the song "Wild Women Don't Have The Blues" specially for March 8, together with female musicians at the Blues Association, of which she was an active member during the pandemic period. Also during this period, she performed a duet with Erol Evgin in the project titled "Living is Still Beautiful with Erol Evgin" organized by İş Sanat. She played at the "Istanbul Street Festival" organized by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality during the pandemic period. While he continues her productions on her musical journey with her latest single titled
"Bul Beni", She also continues his acting career.

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