Alper Alp, who grew up in a family interested in music, started writing his own songs during his high school years. His unique sound; In addition to genres such as folk, pop and rock, it was influenced by some songwriters and performers from Turkey and the world. The artist, who preferred not to let anyone listen to his songs for a long time; He changed his mind at the insistence of a close friend during his university years. He took part in local stages and various platforms with his songs. In the same years, he released two English songs as part of a project. The year he graduated from university, he came to Istanbul from Balıkesir to speed up his music studies.
His first single with Turkish lyrics, "2014"; It met with the audience in April. With his velvet voice and romantic style, he quickly began to attract the attention of music listeners. In 2021, he met music writer Tolga Akyıldız, who passed away in April 2023. Akyıldız took over the production of the singer, whom he described as 'someone who will add meaning to Turkish Music', and they signed a 3-song EP with Pasaj Music.
Cihan Mürtezaoğlu, one of the well-known names in the music scene, also arranged the songs. Released in 2023; Other collaboration songs such as Sen Sen Sen, Doğru Mu and İki Seferi were released. The artist continues to work on his new songs.

Istanbul music is historical, discover it

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3 Hisar

The music group “3 Hisar” creates a unique sound by combining traditional Turkish music motifs with Classical Western music forms. Reminiscent of Istanbul with its name, the band '3 Hisar' shares new compositions about love with music lovers in their new album.

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Golden Horn Brass

The band with a wide repertoire that combines classical, jazz, pop, Anatolian melodies and all these genres with its own style and the band creates a musical synthesis of our country and world cultures

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Mert Baycan Mist Project

Born in Ankara, Turkey, Mehmed Mert Baycan is a versatile percussionist specializing in Turkish and world rhythms. He went on tour with Kara Güneş music band in Italy in 2012, 2013 and 2018. And in 2014, he went on tour with the flamenco dancer Fiona Malena


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