The sound of love with come spring “AŞK-I ALEM” “3 Hisar” music group succeed on unique form integrate with Traditional Turk musical themes and Western Classical Music forms. "3 Hisar" group reminiscent of İstanbul, "Aşk-ı Alem" album shares about love composition for music lovers. Erdinç Şenyaylar’s guitar modern timbre , Hakan Dedeler’s voice and his tambur the unique feeling of the land we live in, Engin Gürkey’s percussion with the music that opens the rhythm of the world to the listener. "3 Hisar" like album name it gives us the feelings that we travel on the paths of love.

The album released under the label of “Kalan Muzik”, love vals begins with the duet of Hakan Dedeler and Aylin Vatankoş, the lyrics by Tezcan Erol and music by Engin Gurkey. Next we will listen to 2 hundred instrumental music by Engin Gurkey’s composition. There are 4 pieces instrumental mucis and 6 pieces vocal music. Yunus Emre’s poetry ‘Aşk’ and Orhan Veli’s poetry ‘Birdenbire & Gün Olur ‘ composed and vocalist by Hakan Dedeler. Erdinç Şenyaylar’s composition ‘Hüzün’ takes us on a long journey. In addition to the three master artists valuable names such as Furkan Bilgi, Ali Tufekçi, Reşat Şenyaylar, Umut Sel and Ozcan Şenyaylar contribute to the album with their instruments.‘3 Hisar’ music group’s new album ‘Aşk-ı Alem’ ready with Kalan Music label in all digital platfom and music markets.

Istanbul music is historical, discover it

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Mert Baycan Mist Project

Born in Ankara, Turkey, Mehmed Mert Baycan is a versatile percussionist specializing in Turkish and world rhythms. He went on tour with Kara Güneş music band in Italy in 2012, 2013 and 2018. And in 2014, he went on tour with the flamenco dancer Fiona Malena.

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Golden Horn Brass

The band with a wide repertoire that combines classical, jazz, pop, Anatolian melodies and all these genres with its own style and the band creates a musical synthesis of our country and world cultures

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Ali Deniz Kardelen

He started music at an early age with the piano. After meeting the guitar at the age of 11, he decided to continue his musical journey with the guitar. He has worked on different guitar styles for years and devoted his work to the "Fingerstyle" playing technique, which he believes can best express himself.

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Hakan Dedeler

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